Installation & Setup

Fresh Install

Hello! This is a short installation guide put together to make sure everything goes smoothly when installing the Poobah Crypto Scanner for the first time. In total this shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes, but more likely around 5 mins. Let's get to it.


So first things first, if you haven't already gone to the addon page in the chrome store go ahead and do that now. It can be found here. You should see this once you get there:


Okay so if you see what's above then you're where you need to be. Go ahead and hit the "Free" button. This will open a new spreadsheet to start the addon installation.


The addon will install and you will see this:


Once you select "Start Here!" a login page will generate and a login prompt will begin.


Follow the prompts and login with the same information you signed up with via the sign up forms. Note that the fields are case sensitive so make sure you enter the data in correctly. Once you select "Yes" to login, select "Yes" for the first time setup. It will then generate the environment and you will be logged in and ready to go!


If you entered everything in correctly, you will see this notification and the environment will continue to build. It should only take a few minutes. If for some reason it times out (it shouldn't), go to your addon menu and choose Poobah Crypto Scanner -> Account -> Login to try again.


Congrats! The scanner is now ready to use.


Now that you've got the scanner installed, you can head over to the Tips & Tricks page for some scanner magic.